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EOFTI Private Storage: Where your secret belongings and privacy were never safer

Using our secure, private storage facility will help your peace of mind. With 24 hour surveillance staff, CCTV cameras, infra-red cameras, thermo cameras, steel plate encased boxes and wall units – your currency, precious metals, paperwork and family heirlooms have never been more safe.

The EOFTI private storage facility is open and available to you 24/7 365 days per year. While you may wait for a guard shift change, the wait time is rather minimal and your concierge will see to your private viewing area in good time.

About Our Private Storage Units

These private storage units consist of impenetrable steel panels guarded by a number of security staff and of course the retinal scan system. The retinal scan system was completely designed for this enclosure and of course is not online nor anywhere near a network hub.

As well, there is no Internet access points (WiFi) within our facility so there is absolutely no chance of the system being circumvented within the cloud. Nor is there any chance of someone getting in to the servers which control the storage facility.

Once you have placed your belongings within your storage box you will simply call for your concierge who will log the box, scan it for chemical residue and then process the box for storage.

Biometric boxes provide a safeguard against key loss. The concierge nor the guards will have access to the key system and therefore are unable to open your storage box. This requires a managers approval and must set for appointment. The case shown is a similar design to our storage boxes wherein there is a fingerprint scanner and also a key in the case of unpaid rent or the loss of one of your digits.

Storage Boxes and Their Construction

Biometric Storage Box

          Example of an EOFTI Biometric Storage Box

The unique storage boxes are made to withstand quite a bit, and encased in steel are even more protected as they are kept away from other client boxes by a minimum of 1″ of hardened steel. Each box weighs approximately 14 pounds (or more – we wont say) and are absolutely impenetrable. We have tested them rigorously on a private weapons range in Louisiana and while may be scratched… refused to open and bear fruit.

About Weapons Storage

Yes you can store your weapons at EOFTI. By weapons we of course mean any device using gunpowder or black powder to fire. If you think you’ll be storing a nuclear device here, think again and please read the Hazardous Material Scan below.

Weapons can be stored loaded or unloaded. It makes no difference as the weapon could not possibly be fired while inside the storage box. If the weapon does happen to go off for some strange reason there will be no harm to the box… the contents of your box may be harmed depending on what the items are (or were).

Hazardous Material Scan

We should mention here we are very serious about people placing hazardous material within our storage facility. This is the only time we will call the authorities to alert them of the type of hazardous material we have found and of course where you have been escorted out of the storage facility.

Your concierge will, in plain view of you, proceed with a wipe down of your box to look for trace residue of foreign materials we consider hazardous and that would not belong in our storage facility. If any trace residue of hazardous materials are found your box will be immediately seized and placed in our clean room.

The storage box will then be opened by secure staff to examine the contents. If they find no contaminated material your box will be brought back to the viewing room along with a video diary of the work performed by the clean room staff.

If the staff discovers you have placed any hazardous material within the storage box the material will be cataloged and processed for immediate removal – and properly handed back to you once you are escorted out of the facility. The city HAZMAT team will then be alerted to the hazardous material found and also informed of your current location.

You will of course also lose your security payment fees in order to recoup our losses for the clean room staff time and the testing. We believe we have one of the most secure private storage facilities and hope you entrust with us your most secretly prized assets.

EOFTI Client Login

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