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Your anonymity is sacred to our business

We believe in proper anonymity and feel that by providing our clients only one access point simply locks down any chance of a potential threat. We only allow up to 2 people in the facility at any one time and those two people are placed in seperate portions of the facility in private viewing rooms.

While there are plenty of cameras in and around our facility, rest assured the recordings of these cameras are for your security and the security of our other clients belongings. We have a set recording time and of course storage means that we adhere to so that we may ensure complete security of our premises.

The cameras are of course state-of-the art closed circuit and are capable of intensive zoom as well night feature. There are absolutely no wireless cameras or other wireless technical components on our premises. All wiring is hard buried for complete and total security.

When we say complete anonymity we mean it

The only way into our storage facility is via a retinal scanner which allows you through a man-trap door system. Once inside you’ll meet with your concierge who will ask you to validate your retinal scan. This information will then be passed to an armed security officer who will request your security box(es). Since you can have more than one box you will need to specify which box (by digit) or series of boxes you wish to have trolleyed in to your private viewing room.

The Private Viewing Room:

While in this room you will have complete access to your box(es). Your box (or boxes) will be trolleyed into this room and placed upon the viewing counter. The viewing counter can be raised or lowered to accommodate the client. While in this room you may request of the concierge a beverage of coffee, tea, water, soda or juice.

There is absolutely no smoking within the main corridors of the facility. Smoking is allowed in your private viewing room. Please let your concierge know that you would like to smoke so that the room can be made ready for your convenience.

While inside our facility you will not know if another client is on the premises or not. And they will not know you are there either. Please also be advised that your cell phone will not work within the facility or your viewing room.

While we cannot go into detail about how we organize and store your security boxes we can tell you this; “only you can receive your storage box“. We use a retinal scan system and the boxes cannot be released until the retinal scan is approved by the main security officer and the system.

Once validated the boxes are then in your control and can only be opened by you. There are no keys to the storage boxes as they use a biometric system. Namely your fingerprint is the only key to opening the boxes.

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