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About the EOFTI Facility

The facility is in a private location far from the hustle and bustle and of course protected by armed guards and high tech cameras. There is no underground parking and entrance can be made on the side of the facility.

Are the storage boxes secure?

The boxes are completely secure and also impenetrable. They were designed to withstand quite a bit and of course placed in a honeycomb type storage system that keeps each box separate from the other. Your box will only be called for when you have validated your retinal scan and called for the box number or series of boxes. Only you can request the box using your retinal scan.

How is the security at the facility? Are my items safe?

Security at the EOFTI facility is extremely tight. The armed security officers are of the highest level and paid just as well. Security of course includes closed circuit cameras, a man trap door system on entrance and exit.

Your items are more than safe, they are extremely secure and will not see the light of day unless you ask to have them brought to your private viewing room.

Why retinal scan?

Retinal scan is the only true way to determine who you are (other than DNA). Biometric fingerprints are used on only the boxes. A retinal scan will only determine one person – that is you. See this page for more information about retinal scans.

Can I purchase rental box for more than 12 months?

By all means. The longer you rent a storage box the more of a discount you will receive. Please ask your concierge when arriving about the length of time discounts.

Can my driver accompany me inside the facility?

Sorry, for security and safety reasons, no. Your driver must remain outside while you are inside our facility.  We also do not allow your visitors within the facility to aid or escort you or to help with the storage of your storage box. There is no underground parking so you will need to attain on-street parking.  So, its best to tell your driver to remain with the vehicle prior to arriving to the facility.

How come I see new security officers when I visit and your guards aren’t “friendly”?

The guards shifts vary and are always rotating so that no guard knows the others schedule. We do a complete background screening of our security staff and assure our clients the utmost in privacy and security. As for not being friendly, our officers will never ask for your name nor “chit chat” with you. So while they may seem standoffish, we simply want them to consider you a threat at all times… sorry – but we like our guards on their toes, not reeling back on their heels.

Why are the payments expensive?

The payments to store your personal goods comprises a host of variables that must be covered while we are protecting them. And we are also protecting you…

Our security staff is top notch and we pay them to ensure we have no rogue personnel, nor do we have rogue equipment. We have a state-of-the art technical facility and require nor allow any WiFi devices or wireless equipment. We are a self contained facility.

Your payment includes your initial visit and works into your private storage options as well the ability to come to our facility at any time of the day or night. We are open year round, around the clock.

You get what you pay for at your bank – if you want anonymity and absolute security you wouldn’t think the payments were all that expensive after all.

Can the facility be subpoenaed for my storage box?

Ye, no and sort of. If you paid for storage in cash or used a money order we do not know who you are or what your retinal scan will bring as it is compressed in the server. So while we can be subpoenaed for your name.. we do not keep those records. Now, the powers that be may know you “might” have a storage box in our facility, but we do not know which box is yours. The powers that be would have to get a warrant to have you submit your retinal scan on our premises, but this process may take some time, and you would be wise to remove your stored possessions from the facility while the paperwork was snaking its way through the system.

If you paid for secure storage using a credit card or check, then yes, the subpoena process will occur much more easily and we will of course abide by all state, federal and local laws. Please consult your attorney in this and all business and personal matters.

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