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About Retinal Scans

Retinal Scans and How They Work

How Retinal Scans WorkWe utilize not only biometric fingerprint scanning but also retinal scanners in two parts of our facility and want to assure our current and future customers that retinal scans are not only safe, but extremely secure.

Retinal scans are superior to fingerprints. Your retina remains unchanged from the time you are born until the time you pass, thus making it more effective and secure than a fingerprint.

Retinography is a highly developed way for identifying people by the pattern of blood vessels on the innermost coat of the back part of the eye (the retina). It requires the use of a scanner that maps the unique pattern of blood vessels on the retina.

A retinal scanner (like the ones we use at EOFTI) uses infrared light for mapping and as a person looks into the scanner a low energy, beam of infrared light traces a circular path on the retina at the back of the eye.

The blood-filled capillaries then absorb more of the infrared light than the surrounding tissue. Because of this, there is a variation in the intensity of the reflection whereupon the scanner measures this reflection at 320 points along the beam path and then quickly assigns a grade between 0 and 4,095.

The results of the retinal scans are then compressed into computer code upon which this code is then compared with patterns that have been entered into our private computer database (there is no internet access within our facility).

Advantages of Using Retinal Scans

  • Low occurrence of false positives
  • Extremely low (almost 0%) false negative rates
  • Highly secure as no two people have the same retinal pattern
  • Extremely fast scans where identity is quickly verified

Known Issues With Retinal Scans and Retinal Scanning

There are occurrences where the retinal scans may not work properly and that is due to the client who develops cataracts or becomes inflicted with diabetes. Often these two may alter the retina and might not allow the client within the facility. But trust in that we have a backup plan for that matter and it is discussed with a client with an issue of this type.

More information about retinal scanning can be found here:

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