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safe deposit boxes EOFTI is a new concept on an old design. Most clients have come to us with the problem that their local banks simply couldn't handle the type of storage they needed for their treasured assets. But also, they didn't care to let the bank know all of their personal information when renting a vault storage box.

With mostly all banks having to annotate your name, address and other vital information; doesn't it make sense to simply place your currency, gold, silver et all in an "anonymous" secure storage facility? A storage facility where your name, address or other personal information will never surface in any paperwork and can never be found... then you need a storage facility where you are completely anonymous...

Now ask yourself these two simple questions:
  1. Do you trust your present storage company to store your treasures yet keep you anonymous?
  2. Do you have something to store and don't want anyone to know what or where it is - yet remain extremely secure?
This facility is finally here and we welcome your comments and questions. Please read through our FAQ section or About section to decide for yourself if you want the powers that be to know what you have... or... secure your treasures in a safe, secure, private facility in a completely legal and anonymous setting.

Your Anonymity

There are often things you pick up in your life that you must hold dear and not tell a soul. Whether these items are precious metals, currency or cherished heirlooms you don't want anyone to know about. We are that secret keeper and guard of your most private possessions.

No one will know what you store in our vaults... ever

Storage Unit Privacy

We understand that some items need to be placed in storage to keep out of sight of the powers that be... or an angry ex-wife. Our storage chambers are secured and your anonymity and privacy are always assured.

Find out more about our storage services and secure facility features:

Anonymous Storage Solutions

Your Privatized Investments

When it comes to anonymous storage and security of goods EOFTI has in place the best old school storage methods utilizing a new technology twist.

When you're ready to keep your items and identity private we want you to think of EOFTI as your private storage solution

Why Anonymous Storage...

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